Vampire Pleco L-029
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These plecos are over 2" in size. Picture of the Vampire plecos are of the actual fish for sale. They were imported from Brazil in September of 2014, and are fat, heathy, and diseae free. Vampire plecos are an easier pleco to care for and can live peacefully in an African cichlid tank. They are currently acclimated to a high PH of 7.8 and in an aquarium with ample hiding spots and medium to strong currents. L-029 are known for their vampire like teeth and need a diet of mostly meaty foods. 

Scientific Name: Leporacanthicus galaxias

Origination: Brazil

Shipping size: 2"-2.5"

Maximum size: 10-12"

Difficulty: Intermediate

Behavior: Friendly

Current Diet: (Omnivirous) Frozen bloodworms, Hikari Algae Wafers, and NLS sinking pellets

Minimum Tank Size: 40 Gallon

Recommended pH: 6.5-8.0

Temperature: 72-79F

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2.5" Vampire Pleco - L-029

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