Green Phantom Pleco L-200
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These plecos are approximately 3" in size. Picture of the L200 Green Phantom plecos are of the actual fish for sale. They are feeding on Hikari Algae wafers and are fat , heathy, and diseae free. We imported them from Colombia in the Spring of 2014 and fully acclimated them to life in an aquarium. Decorating your tank with driftwood is highly recommended. Driftfood leeches tannins into the water which lowers the pH, making it more acidic. Tannins also soften the water. The plecos also enjoy grazing on the driftwood it and hiding in its crevices.

Shipping size: 3"+
Recommended pH: 7.0-7.5


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3" Green Phantom Pleco L200 - Wild Caught

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