Aulonocara Red Ruby african cichlids for sale
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The Red Rubescens peacocks that we have for sale are a line bred variant of the german red peacock. Pictured is one of our dominant breeder males at approximately 3". They have a blue face with a red body. Quality strains show an ornate patterning on the fins. Like most peacocks, they have a mild temperament, but can be aggressive towards Aulonocara males who are competing to breed with females. This is an ideal fish for an all male peacock and hap cichlid show tank.

Males show their full colors at approximately 3.5"-4". Males at 2" show a hint of a yellow flush which darkens to a red ruby body as they reach sexual maturity.


Scientific Name: Aulonocara rubescens
Common Name: Red Ruby Peacock
Origin: Lake Malawi
Diet: Omnivore
PH: 7.6-8.6
Temperature: 76-80F
Maximum size: 5"

Recommended breeding colony: 1 male, 8 females in a 55 gallon aquarium 
Difficulty: 2 (1-5 with 1 easiest) 
Breeding Method: Mouthbrooder
Breeding Difficulty: 2 


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Aulonocara Red Ruby Peacock

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