Speckleback Moba
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All Cyprichromis species must be shipped Southwest Air Cargo same day air for the same $49.95 flat rate shipping price. All major cities in the USA have an Air Cargo location nearby. This species is ultra delicate and have difficulty shipping with the rougher package handling of UPS/FEDEX. Please call, text, or e-mail us if you have any questions about shipping. 

Breeder's Notes 3/28/2019:
Juvenile fish are approximately 2"-2.5". Good sized juveniles with some males showing a little color.  

Scientific Name: Cyprichromis leptosoma "Jumbo Speckleback Moba"

Common Name: Cyprichromis speckleback moba
Origin: Lake Tanganyika
Diet: Carnivore
PH: 7.6-8.6
Temperature: 76-82F
Maximum size: 5.5" (Jumbo variant)

Recommended tank size: 55 gallons - 4ft tank
Recommended breeding colony: A coloniy of 10 or more
Difficulty: 3 (1-5 with 1 easiest) 
Breeding Method: Mouthbrooder
Breeding Difficulty: 2

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Cyprichromis leptosoma "Jumbo Speckleback Moba"

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