Lobochilotes labiatus
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Lobochilotes labiatus is a rare and exotic african cichlid found in Lake Tanganyika. They are the only species in the Lobochilotes genus. They are highly aggressive as adults and easily grow to over a foot long. Good tankmates are large african cichlids such as Cyphotilapia frontosa. From our experience as juveniles they do fine in a mixed community tank as long as tankmates are not too small. L. labiatus are active swimmers and need a large aquarium of at least 100 gallons.

Watch the youtube video of these fish swimming with a colony of Moba frontosa.

Scientific Name: Lobochilotes labiatus
Shipping Size: 2"-3" 

Common Name: Lobochilotes 
Origin: Lake Tanganyika
Diet: Omnivore

PH: 7.6-8.6
Temperature: 76-80F
Maximum Size: 15" 

Difficulty: 2 (1-5 with 1 easiest) 
Breeding Method: Mouthbrooder
Breeding Difficulty: 1
Minimum Tank Size: 100 gallons
Breeding Colony Recommendation: 1 Male and 2 females in a 135 gallon tank 

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