Star Sapphire Cichlid
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Star Sapphire Haplochromis Cichlid

First photo is an actual photo of 3" juveniles. 2nd photo an adult male for reference. 

Male Star Sapphires begin to display a glittery jewel like pattern at approximately 5"-6" in size. Juvenile males have a navy blue color. Females have a grayish to light blue color. 

Scientific Name: Phenochilus Tanzania
Common Name: Star Sapphire
Origin: Tanzania. Lake Malawi. 
Diet: Carnivore

PH: 7.6-8.6
Temperature: 76-80F
Max Size: 10"  

Difficulty: 3 (1-5 with 1 easiest) 
Breeding Method: Mouthbrooder
Breeding Difficulty: 3
Minimum Tank Size: 55 gallons, but a larger tank will be needed when they reach maturity. 
Breeding Colony Recommendation: 2 Male and 8 females in a 100 gallon tank 


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Phenochilus Tanzania "Star Sapphire" Hap Cichlid

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