Lwanda Peacock
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We have been line breeding Lwanda peacocks for several years from Wild Caught specimens and can identify their gender as juveniles. Males are showing just a hint of color, but will grow to be one of the most beautiful peacock cichlids you'll ever see in the Aulonocara genus! Wild caught males at 3.5" from Hai Reef are the best!

Aulonocara sp. "Red Top Lwanda" peacock cichlid. 

The Red top lwanda peacocks we sell come in various sizes and are bred locally in Las Vegas, NV. The least expensive are the unsexed juveniles that are not yet showing their true coloration and potential. Males display beautiful colors at approximately 3" inches size. Pictured is a 2.5" Red Top Lwanda male just starting to display colors and a 2" female. 

Breeding is easy to moderate. Strip fry and tumble eggs to produce the largest brood. 

Scientific Name: Aulonocara sp.
Common Name: Red Top Lwanda
Origin: Hai Reef, Tanzania and Chiwindi, Mozambique. Lake Malawi. 
Diet: Carnivore

PH: 7.6-8.6
Temperature: 76-80F   

Difficulty: 2 (1-5 with 1 easiest) 
Breeding Method: Mouthbrooder
Breeding Difficulty: 2
Minimum Tank Size: 40 gallons
Breeding Colony Recommendation: 1 Male and 8 females in a 55 gallon tank 


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Red Top Lwanda Peacock Cichlid

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