Tropheus duboisi
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Tropheus duboisi are a beautiful cichlid even as juveniles with their black coloration and starry night spots all over their body. As they mature into adults, they become all black with a wide yellow band on each side near the neck. They are very territorial, aggressive towards other tropheus, and swim very actively. A minimum colony of 6 is recommended, but a colony of 12-20 is preferred to reduce aggression among conspecifics. T. duboisi have long digestive tracts and are susceptible to bloat if fed a diet too high in protein. They are exclusively herbivorous and must feed on spirulina and algae based foods only.

Shipping Size: 1.5" (Mixed Sexes)

Scientific Name: Tropheus duboisi 
Common Name: Tropheus duboisi Maswa
Origin: Lake Tanganyika
Diet: Herbivore
PH: 7.8-9.0
Temperature: 77-80F
Maximum size: 4.5"

Recommended tank size: 75 gallons
Recommended breeding colony: 2 Male, 12 Females 
Difficulty: 2 (1-5 with 1 easiest) 
Breeding Method: Mouthbrooder
Breeding Difficulty: 3

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Tropheus duboisi "Maswa"

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